Traveling Tips

Request for Maps

You can request brochures, maps, tourist attraction places, destinations, etc. from hotels if you did not bring any.
Secure your Valuables

Keep your valuables in your handbag, not in your luggage bag.

Keep Small Change

Always keep small change in your wallet and large amount of money in one of your handbag compartments. Strangers might be eyeing on you when you pull out a large amount of money from your wallet.
Use Credit Card

Try to use your credit card instead of cash most of the time. You will find it a lot easier and avoid the hassle to convert the local currency.

Queue for Taxis

Try not to take taxis that seemed to be hanging around. Try to travel with hotel’s taxis, limousines or queue for taxis instead.

Secure your Passport

Do not carry your passport around everywhere you go. You may leave the passport in the hotel’s electronic safe.

Confirm your Return Flight

Confirm your return flight few days before the end of your scheduled travelling.

Prepare your Address Labels

You may want to pre-address labels for those people whom you plan to send a postcard. Then, you do not have to spend time addressing your destination, where there are so many more interesting things to do.

Packing For Travelling

Use a Compartmented Kit

Use a compartmented kit that has a hook for hanging cosmetics, medications, razors, toothbrush, toothpaste, soaps etc. This will save space in your luggage bag and can easily be bought at travel stores.
First Aid Supplies

Pack some medicine and first aid supplies to fight off colds, flu, fever, etc.

Bring a Pen

Always take a pen with you. During the journey you might need to fill in customs formulations before landing.

Wear a Sweater or Jacket

You may want to wear a jacket or sweater with you instead of packing it in your suitcase. You may need it in the airplane. In fact, this can reduce weight of your suitcase and maximize your space utilization.

Bring some Films

If you are going to a popular tourist attraction, buy your film at home. This is definitely more convenient and saves cost. You might miss some beautiful spots while trying to get hold of films.

Plastic Bags

Remember to bring some empty plastic bags. These can be very useful when packing used undergarments, dirty socks and etc.

Bring an Extra Bag

Remember to bring an extra bag to pack your clothes for laundry.

Roll your Clothes

In order to save space and avoid wrinkles, the best way is to roll your clothes.

Packing a Flashlight

When packing a flashlight, change the batteries around so that if the on switch is accidentally turned on, the flashlight will not go on. Upon needing the flashlight, just reverse the batteries into their correct position.

Pack some Snacks

Carry some chocolates, breads or snacks with you when travelling so you are not forced to eat in airport restaurants or snack stands.




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